Thanksgiving Lunch

Thanksgiving Lunch
We encourage all families to join us for our Thanksgiving Lunch on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. 

The fee will be $4.50 for adult visitors and @2.60 for all children.  Please have exact change or small bills. 

Thanksgiving Lunch Menu:
Turkey and Dressing with Gravy, Green Beans, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Fruit Salad, Roll, Spice Cake, Mild, Lemonade, and Coffee.  

If you would like to help serve lunch, contact Arlinda in the cafeteria for more information at 891-8526 ext 515

Lunch Schedule:
Cavinder 10:26
Kabsy  10:30
Paul 10:34
Puente 10:38
McDermott 10:42
Croley  10:42

2nd Grade
Becker 10:50
Buffmire 10:54
Hunter 10:58
Reed 11:02
Spill 11:06

1st Grade: 
Chavez 11:14
Frutos 11:16
Moellenbeck 11:20
Sunstrom  11:24
Sylvester   11:28

5th Grade: 
Dunivan 11:36
Evans 11:38
Garcia 11:42
Mulrey 11:46
Smith 11:50
Silliman 11:54

3rd Grade: 
Aragon 12:02
Cooper 12:04
Lambert 12:08
Ortiz 12:12
Tejera 12:16

4th Grade: 
Dannenberg 12:14
Hunt 12:26
Mandich 12:30
Marsh 12:34
Sierz 12:38
Wiebelhaus 12:42
Zukowski 12:45

Parents: If you plan to take your child home after lunch, please be aware you will need to provide your ID. Students will not be allowed to return to their classroom to get backpacks until the teacher has returned from lunch. Please note it will be considered an unexcused absence.