Running Club

Enchanted Hills Running Club

My goal this year is to get kids out once a week to learn how fun different styles of running can be fun.  We will learn different running styles and Track events to change it up, with a goal of  a 5k in the spring which parents and teachers can join them in. 

Kids can run to assist them in future...
Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, and many more
Track and Field
5k,10k, Marathon's
Spartan Races
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                                               EHES Running Club!

I am in process in putting together forms and a weekly date, for this to take place.  I will get a form out to students in the first few weeks of school if they have interest in joining.
When we start students should bring running shoes and a water bottle to practice.

Before you will be able to run after school, the participation agreement must be signed by a parent or guardian.

To learn more contact Coach Bowen at 891-8526 x448.