Video Club

Instructor: Amy Mitchell


Have a Great Summer
I've been waiting on the recent videos so that I could send them to you and officially say HAPPY SUMMER!
Your children worked SO HARD this year --- it was a wonderful year of learning, discoveries, and fun creations. I am beyond blessed to get to work with them.
Be well,
PS - Pass on to your child that I'm posting a new blog topic --- just in case any summer boredom has already surfaced. :>)
Check out these recent videos from PACE and Video Club--

4th Grade PACE
- Mr. Lourenco's visit on 5/13/16--- I took 1.5 - 2 hours of film and created a 15 minute video to commemorate his amazing visit to our class. KRQE was present and reported the story on the news that day! The questions that his grandson are asking him were sent to him ahead of time and written by these students! If you are interested in history or WWII, this video might be of interest:

5th Grade PACE - 7 Habits of Happy Kids

VIDEO CLUB - The Secret Life of Teachers

VIDEO CLUB - Good Cop Bad Cop
Summer Opportunities
I've had several parents ask for ideas for summer enrichment for their children. In response, I compiled a few camps in a document that I am 1)attaching in the FILES section and 2) sending home with your child next week. Camp genres include enrichment, the arts, nature, animals, chess, and misc. There are a few I'd like to attend myself! lol! Hope you find some winners.

If you come across any additional promising summer opportunities, feel free to share with me, and I'll spread the word!
Amy Mitchell