Letter from Ms. Baehr and Mrs. Archuleta

Letter from Ms. Baehr and Mrs. Archuleta

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This has been a week that I’ve never seen in my many years of education.  The challenges we are seeing regarding safety is disturbing to say the least.  

It is important that you all know that EHE staff and students participate in many types of drills throughout the year.  We review fire drill safety with the Rio Rancho Fire Department (RRFD) and have our drills at different times of the day.  This helps our school become better prepared should an incident happen.

We also practice lock-down drills and shelter in place drills as prescribed by the district and the state.  Our information is then shared with the RRFD.  We receive compliments from the RRFD for our efficiency with our drills.  

Safety is a priority for us.  We understand that adults get upset when we ask for a driver license before we call a student from class; however, it is imperative for us to insure that the correct person is allowed to contact a child.  It is also important to keep your child’s or children’s card up to date with phone and address information.  

We appreciate your support and understanding during these times.  RRPS wants to reassure parents that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our students. We are committed to creating a safe learning environment for all.

Rio Rancho Public Schools Administration has reviewed the compulsory attendance law and district policy and has determined that due to the extenuating circumstance surrounding yesterday’s events, we will excuse absences for Wednesday, February 21, 2018. We are unable to excuse additional absences beyond this.

Thank you,


Cathy Baehr LaVonna Archuleta

Principal Assistant Principal