Native American Community

Instructor: Mr. Silliman
This website is dedicated to our students from our Native American Communities. From here you will be able to post local events, activities both in and out of school as well as see what is going on at Enchanted Hills Elementary School.

Though anyone can join this club, funding and assistance can be provided for students who qualify under the Title VII grant. This grant allows EHES to use some funding for supplies, tutoring, and activities here at school!


Who qualifies for the Title VII Grant?
You may be wondering who or how I know your child qualifies for the TItle VII Grant, it is a very simple process. When your child registered with our school you marked ethier A.) Native American under Ethnicity or B) Indian under Race. At that time you should have recieved a 506 form to fill out. I recieved a notification of who did this from the district office in order to help your child this year and provide services to them. Thats it!
These services are completely free to your child, as long as I have the funding available for them. We receive our funding through the Title VII which is a Federal Grant.

New to the school or possibly wanting to see if your eligible? All you need to do is fill out the 506 form, which needs you to be registered with a recognized tribe in the United States (Does not need to be local) and your child needs to be at least 1/8 from Native Heritage. The office or myself can provide you with the 506 Form at anytime!

I hope this helps, and I welcome any new members!

Jack Silliman



Academic Resources
Native American Games/Activities
Collection of websites with fun and educational games/activities.

Code Talking
Lesson that teaches basics of Navajo code talking using an actual Navajo dictionary.
Jigsaw Puzzle
Fun puzzle maker activity.
Native American Recipes
Quick and easy food recipes for traditional Native American foods.
Navajo Rug designs
Math oriented game with symmetry.
Vocabulary lesson
Learn what Native American words are commonly found in English language.

Native American Storytelling
A collection of websites with traditional Native American stories, as well as articles about modern day Native American issues.

American Folklore
Collection of stories found in American literature, including talltales, legends, and Native American Storytelling.
Apples for Teachers
Teacher based lessons with stories.
Esquire Magazine: Washington Redskins
A article debating the issues with the renaming of the Washington Redskins. (Grades 4 - 5)
Scholastic News
Scholastic articles themed towards Native American issues. (Contains local activities and locations)

Video Links (You tube)
Videos found using RRPS Safetube search. All videos have not been completely previewed, but are labeled K - 5.

Navajo, Apache, and Pueblo Tribes
Navajo, Apache, and Pueblo Tribes
Star Spangled Banner in Navajo
Video with Words and singing.
Video of Pledge in Navajo
Pledge of Allegiance spoken in Navajo.